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For foreign students

Coordinator Erasmus
Mgr. Andrea Kőnigsmarková, Ph.D. - konian@kgs.zcu.cz
Iveta Matějková - imatejko@kgs.zcu.cz


Structure of the department

▶ Section of Germanic studies
▶ Section of Slavic studies
Research and major fields of interest
▶ Functional interconnection of Germanic and Slavic segments
▶ Research of language for specific purposes
▶ Interdisciplinary research of Czech-German relationships,
Czech-Russian and Russian-German relationships (emphasis
is put on the links to the region - southwestern Bohemia,
Bavaria) and their importance in wider European context
Knowledge gained in basic research is then applied in further
projects that focus on cooperation with regional institutions
and on bilateral cooperation (German/Czech as a language
of a neghbouring country, language of a neghbouring country
as a mediator of culture and history, Russian as a language in the
West Bohemian region and contacts with Czech and German).
International cooperation
▶ Universities in Germany: Bayreuth, Chemnity, Regensburg,
Zittau/Görlitz, Ludwigsburg,
Freiburg, Würzburg, Leipzig
▶ Universities in Slovakia: Prešov, Nitra
▶ Universities in Russia and Ukraine: Kirov, Ekaterinburg,
▶ Other institutions: Kulturforum östliches Europa Potsdam,
Goethe-Institut Prag, CeBB Schönsee